{231} De Frank Junior *JAMAICAN SOUNDS* ♫ "Chicken" +++

I can't resist to share with you this perfect engine afro-funk sound from 
De  Frank  Junior : *Jamaican Sounds* !
So sorry not to remember who provides me this rarity or the link ! Please contact me, you deserve my best recommendation ! Is it you Tristan ? Cheeku ? Greg ? Waaterproof ?  Stan ?
...Thanks Stan Dr Crackles the answer was ...*****Tristan***** ,my maaaster , my Goorookool and favorite record seller on earth ,  melody67nelson on ebay !
I'll do my best to tell you about the wonderful Paris-La Cigale's concert of Poly-Rythmo in the next post but I need some... run up to tell how good it was !

 "Chicken" DE FRANK JUNIOR *Jamaican Sounds* by Z j A k


4 commentaires:

ReeBee a dit…

Uo UO Uo UO Uo!!!

Frank "dr.crackle" a dit…

Hey Pierre, nice one! This record was sold at least 3 times at ebay. Twice by Greg and once by Tristan. But Tristan was the one who posted two full length songs with the auction. Yours is the same file. So maybe it's from him.


Rongo a dit…

A very solid piece of Afrofunk indeed Pierre! Thanks for sharing the link and looking forward to your review of the memorable Poly-Rythmo evening...

Z j A k a dit…

Frank you're perfectly right, thanks !