Afro-funk diggers, the discography of the

Tout Puissant Orchestre Poly-Rythmo

must exist!...one day. In this quest, first proposition is to limit our researches to their LP records list, 12 inch, 33 rpm clearly vinyl ! with records of solo members of T.P. Poly-Rythmo.

Let's start with the volume one mystery. Who will say why many vol.1 exist ?

Of course *****Voodoo Funk Frank***** gives the answer (please read his comments below) : See chapter {51} record (58) the debut Lp -EMI- HLNX 5060 has been reissued as this volume one ALS 01 in 1983.

*****Samy Ben Redjeb of Analog Africa***** confirm with a complete history in his Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Volume 2: Echos hypnotiques from the vaults of albarika stores 1969 - 1979 see chapter {69} .

But the first *VOLUME ONE* chronologicaly (few years later the first compil LP EMI HLNX 5060 and the debut album ALS 005 from early 70's) is from 1976 :

(1) * Poly-Rythmo 76 volume 1 *
-Albarika Stores-ALS 026 [1976] :

Oh Bea
Gbeto Vivi on *Kings of Benin* see chapter {29}

Dety Motema 1&2 

Toe Nam Toe Nam

(2 ) Orchestre T.P. Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Benin * volume 1 *

-Albarika Stores- ALS 001 [1983]

Side A :

Gbeti Madjro on *African Scream Contest* see chapter {32}

Kou Tche Kpo So O on *Who Voodoo Loves ?* chapter {100}

Les Djos on *Kings Of Benin* see chapter {29}

Medida on *Kings Of Benin* see chapter {29}

Minsatole Mi Dayi Homin listen chapter {155}

Djoyimavo listen chapter {156}

Side B :

Mikpon Bodo listen chapter {117}

Gbemi Na Gbe listen chapter {117}

Zizi on *Echos Hypnotiques* see chapter {69}

Wodeka Koe on *Who Voodoo Loves ?* mix chapter {100}

Avoun Doupoume Douaga on *Kings Of Benin* chapter {29}

Angelina (2) on *Kings Of Benin* see chapter {29}

(3) Orchestre T.P. Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou * spécial 80 volume 1 *
-Sodogil - ESL 012 :

Ne te faches pas

Adin Gbanzon 

Semassa (zéro+zéro)

Belle belle 

(4) Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou * Zéro + zéro = zéro *
-Star Musique Présente- SMP 6019
reissue of (3)

(5) Orchestre T.P.Poly-Rythmo * Zéro + zéro *

-Tangent-TANLP 7007
reissue of (3)

6 commentaires:

Frank a dit…

Okay, my theory is that Vol.1 above with the b/w picture sleeve might be the first LP release on Albarika Store. The one with the color photograph of the band is the reissue of their original debut LP that was released on EMI as a custom job from the owner of the Albarika Store record label which at the time probably only was a store. The reissue pictured came out 1983 and has a color photograph on the Sleeve that shows the band how they looked in the early 80s. It has the exact same track list as the debut LP on EMI, I have a copy of the original and will send you a picture as soon as I have my records unpacked and organised. many have believed the Albarika Store re-release from 1983 to be qa compilation of their early 45s which is not the case.

The Vol. 1 on the bottom obvioulsy must have been released around 1980 and mught have been the introduction of some sort of a series of LPs.

As soon as I find the time, I will take pictures of all Poly Rytho releases that I have in my posession and mail them to you on a CDR (it's going to be a lot of pictures). Please get in touch with me and give me your postal address!

Great idea this blog!

Best regards


Z j A k a dit…

Thank you soooo much,Franck "The Originator",*****Voodoo Funk***** initiator,proud to welcome you! With this blog I wish to follow your steps.Maximum respects,wishing you the best,Pierre

Cyril a dit…

Hallo Frank, Bonjour Pierre,

In addition of Frank's message we can easily note that ALS01 and ALS 129 Reconciliation covers were shooted the same day... They all wear the same clothes (specialy easy to see with Gustave & Melome). It's why we can confuse this 2 covers. They are very similar in many ways : color, contrast, smiles of the band members... :)

Lacey a dit…

Great work.

Malam Bala a dit…

great job done! congratulations for your research!! would you share some of these rare tunes with us ?

Z j A k a dit…

Everything comes back...in time, Malam Bala , believe me I'm a boomerang player !
If you check the chapter {40} you'll get one hour of the best Poly-Rythmo's tune I've got.
Cheers !