{191} FERRY DJIMMY "Brest DC 10" funk funk funk !!! ♫ +++

Optical illusion from Kitaoka Akiyoshi 's work

Welcome back in the crazy world of Ferry Djimmy ! Your special passport to get on board this terrific "DC 10" airplane is stamped by Kêtu records. Thanks *****Nuno*****http://ketu-records.blogspot.com/

 FERRY DJIMMY "Brest DC 10" by Z j A k 

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3 commentaires:

Jaime a dit…

Ça part bien la journée, merci ZjAk!

calumbinho a dit…

Crazy fearless Djimmy... I don't know exacty why, but I love this guy. Thanks ZjAk!!

Z j A k a dit…

Welcome friends !