{188} Better sound ♫ for "Nou Tche Non Ve Ye Hou" Thanks Faud ! +++

I know you know this tune but... I really love it, and by courtesy-courtoisie of *****Faud***** and *****Superflyrecords***** you will enjoy a better sound directly from the Disco Des Lyriques single from chapter {78} ! Thank you so much for sound and pictures !
You should know very well >Les Mains Noires< essential blog of mister Faud and the parisian temple of vinyl addicts Superflyrecords, if not check in emergency these links , please !

This afro-funk really rocks ! It's so good Albarika did reissue it on single : ASB 235 then on compilation ALS 0108. On this album I can certified the version is exactly the same! 
The doubt stand still on both sides of ASB 235 see chapter {164} and comments chapter {144}...The track is only 4 minutes 25 seconds long , did they really cut it in two parts ?

 Gustave BENTHO & POLY-RYTHMO "Nou Tche Non Ve" by Z j A k 

I will delete the last rip of this track chapter {144} in few days.

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Jaime a dit…

Très bel ajout, ZjAk, merci!

Fleurs tropicales ; Kêtu Records a dit…

vraiment très jolie , merci

Carli a dit…

Z j A k, thank you for all these rarities

Z j A k a dit…

Thank you all ! ...not the last one ...

faud a dit…

Merci à to Pierre ! !!C est un plaisir de partager et de pouvoir apporter contribution ! !!
A très vite !! !