{150} CRUCIAL AFRO GEM from ALS 047 ♫ listen +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi 

"Ye Wele Yao" is a crucial afro gem ! last track on B side of ALS 047 :

Enjoy the galloping tempo , the imperial riffs of trumpets and saxos which evoke a big soul train running wild in the west african countryside ! Love Yehouessi Leopold work on drums...Play it load one time , two time , as many as you need ! CRUCIAL I said , isn't it ?

This post is dedicated to *****Stan Dr Crackle***** who friendly share wonderful rips.
Please would you help him to find : The first Tunji Oyelana albums &  the Christy Azuma record with Uppers International from which the tracks on the soundway compilations are taken from.
Please send a email to dr.crackle[at]gmail.com. Many thanks by advance.

"Ye Wele Yao" PIERRE LOKO & POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k

More details on chapter {10}.

4 commentaires:

calumbinho a dit…

Definitely an amazing one. And I join Dr. Crackle's quest for the Tunji Oyelana albums - what's up with those? Did Soundway & Voodoofunk buy all the copies? I don't have a problem with that... as long as they go ahead and reissue them!!

Frank "dr.crackle" a dit…

Hello Pierre,

this song is GREAT! :)

Thank you very much for the music and your friendly words and your help searching those records!!!


Anonyme a dit…

Hello, and thank you. This is a wonderful, wonderful, uplifting track. Can't wait to share this with friends. Please keep up the good work for the rest of us in the world who would not hear this great music if it were not for you! Greetings from Hollywood!

Z j A k a dit…

Thank you all that's the magic !
from Khazakhstan to USA , including
neighbours in Germany, isn't more than panafricanism ?...:)