{155} Poly-Rythmo's 7"on Albarika + WILD JERK listen ! ♫

The best was done to collect and present singles of Poly-Rythmo on small labels. 
Now it is time to complete their impressive discography with -Albarika Stores- singles.

"Poly-Rythmo was the star band of this label and his owner 
*****Adissa Seidou*****. He was born on April 8th 1929 and passed away in 1988. He started importing bicycle parts then vinyl records and all sorts of electronic equipment, specially radios and record players. Because  of his love for traditional music he decided to go into music production. His first recording, done in 1968 was a success and he ventured into modern music.

Things became very serious when he recorded Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de CotonouAt that time Adissa thought it would be just another recording, although he was crazy about the track "Angelina", which was the initial reason why he approached that group. All the other Poly-Rythmo compositions were of no interest to him, but a wild fire was about to spread with "Gbeti Madjro" and that's the side  (flip of  "Angelina") which sold the record.

This notes are from *****Samy Ben Redjeb***** on *Echos Hypnotiques* see chapter {69}.
This -Albarika Stores- singles discography  is also relaying Samy's work for Analog Africa his label:
http://analogafrica.blogspot.com/. Thousand thanks Samy !

>130< ASB 35 

Koutome (Amenoudji Joseph) on *Echos Hypnotiques* see chapter {69}

Gbeme Dan (Amenoudji Joseph)

>131< ASB 36

Gbeti Madjro (Melome Clement) on *African Scream Contest* see chapter {32}  
                                      and listen chapters {40},{43},{52},{55},{102},{151}!

Angelina II (Melome Clement)  on *Kings of benin* see chapter {29}

>132< ASB 38

Wo Deka Koe (Lucas Toulessi) see chapter {1} and {51} listen chapter {100}!

Uku (Lucas Toulessi)

>133< ASB 39

Minsato Le, Mi Dayi Home (Lohento Eskill) on *Debut Lp* & *ALS 01* see chapters {51} & {1}

Min We Tun So (Lohento Eskill)

Enjoy that wild wild wild Afro-Jerk !!!

Minsato Le , Mi Dayi Home POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k

>134< ASB 40

Toffi Solo (Vincent Ahehehinnou)

Nou Bada Bada (Vincent Ahehehinnou)

>135< ASB 41

Do Ve Nan (Melome Clement)

Mini Toun Mide (Melome Clement)

>136< ASB 55

Conseil de l'entente (Patrice K. Nattor & Assiongbon Jeannine)

Consolation a maman (Patrice K. Nattor & Assiongbon Jeannine)

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icastico a dit…

That wild jerk listen was the first track I heard by Poly-rythmo (on David Byrne's compilaton "Love is a Real Thing"). Always been sad that it fades out. Hopefully someday someone will release the full version from the master tapes if they still exist.

Z j A k a dit…

How I agree indeed, dear Icastico !
Our dreams are creative forces , join us fans from all over the world !

Jaime a dit…

count me in!

Unknown a dit…

Running WILD !! love it ! Merci !

Z j A k a dit…

Comptons les rêveurs sur qui on peut compter !

Feq'wah a dit…

and another dreamer :)