{228} "Africanaise Beauté" -> *Pr BYLLEDEY* ♫ +++

Second sample from the LP *PROFESSEUR BYLLEDEY* : "Africanaise Beaute"
Doesn't it sound like a Poly-Rythmo's album to your ear ? Enjoy the smart and speedy touch of Yehouessi Leopold , liquid flow of Papillon's notes on guitar, the powerful wall of sound create by the brass section ... 
This unknown album recently discovered by the *****Superflyrecords***** team is probably NOT a must have record from the 67 albums of Poly-Rythmo listed on Jam Magica, BUT a very interesting one, more enjoyable from one listening to the next !

 "Africanaise Beauté" Pr BYLLEDEY & POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

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