{22} -Albarika stores- Another unknown Poly-Rythmo

(?) * Poly-Rythmo ??? *-Albarika Stores- ALS 025 :

Houzou-Houzou Na Yi Nukon 

Those tracks are included in the -Albarika Stores-
ALS 030 see chapter {8} where the band could be seen ahead of palm trees.
Is it a previous mention or a true LP ?
A challenge for 'aficionados' revealed by
*****Craig Taylor*****big up to him!
He kindly sent me this picture : the back cover of a Poly-Rythmo 7" with a very helpful list of fifteen 45 rpm and THAT 33 rpm.
It would be great if a lucky owner of this scarce early LP could send the pictures (both sides please) of the cover.To be continued...

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