{203} "Huankpe Dje Mi" Yelouassi Adolphe ♫ +++

Optical illusion by *****Akiyoshi Kitaoka***** : http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/kic/~akitaoka/index-e.html

From chapter {31} I would like to highlight a superb afro-latin album backed by Poly-Rythmo. Yelouassi Adolphe's voice is deep and warm , with a light vibrato, a beautiful soul voice ! He did sign the five tracks of this recommended album.

 Huankpe Dje Mi YELOUASSI by Z j A k 

2 commentaires:

Mambo C. a dit…

ah mais moi j'aime beaucoup celui-là...
deeeep and beautifull !
Merci Monsieur Pierre !

Z j A k a dit…

Voix de velours et rythme imparable tout à fait toi !