{164} Poly-Rythmo 7" ASB 226->247 +++ voodoo spell ♫

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi 

>175< ASB 226

Aye Kpo Mawo (Yehouessi Leopold)

Se Na Me  (Yehouessi Leopold) other version *Compil. Agence de Coop.*{30}

>176< ASB 227

Serment du citoyen Beninois (Melome Clement)

Chantons notre victoire (Melome Clement)

>177< ASB 228

Houzou-Houzou Na Ni Noukou 1 (Melome Clement)

Houzou-Houzou Na Ni Noukou 2 (Melome Clement)

Thanks a lot *****Oro***** to share this interesting soukouss : http://orogod.blogspot.com/2011/03/tp-orchestre-poly-rythmo.html

>178< ASB 229

Dougbo Dogba (Koutouan Ossey Theodore)

Kalio (Koutouan Ossey Theodore)

>179< ASB 230

Gbeto Vivi (Sagbohan Danialou) on *Volume one 1976* see chapter {1}
                                                       on *Kings of Benin* see chapter {29}
La revolution n'echouera pas (Sagbohan Danialou)

>180< ASB 231

Medjito Na  E (Amenoudji Joseph Vicky) on *ALS 0111* see chapter {26}

Toe Nam-Toe Nam (Amenoudji Joseph Vicky) on *Vol.1* see chapter {1}

>181< ASB 233

Jolie Cote d'Ivoire aimee (Melome Clement) on *ALS 126* see chapter {101}

Abidjan la belle (Melome Clement) on *ALS 126* see chapter {101}

>182< ASB 234

Oh Bea 1 (Agbemadon Paul) on *Volume one 1976* see chapter {1}

Oh Bea 2 (Agbemadon Paul) on *Volume one 1976* see chapter {1}

>183< ASB 235

E So Plait Mi A 1 (Avolonto Honore) on *ALS 0108* see {35} listen {127}

E So Plait Mi A 2 (Avolonto Honore) on *ALS 0108* see {35} listen {127}

>184< ASB 236

Sarakawa (Nimon T. Lala)

Novi Gne Banina (Nimon T. Lala)

This period is not my favorite so allow me a flashback . Let's enjoy this  psyche voodoo spell "E Ma Dokpo Mi O" (Vincent Ahehehinnou) from this extraordinary single ASB 135, B side of "Ai Gabani" see also {158} & {54}.

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi
"E Ma Dokpo Mi O" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k

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artwork of *****NickiVour***** and ***** E. B. Sylvester***** 
added chapter {162} on "Guanteque Campesino" !

5 commentaires:

icastico a dit…

Nice track. Thanks for sharing.

Z j A k a dit…

Thanks Icastico dear true follower ! It was on the first mix with Waaterproof , chapter {40} & {44} as "Ai Gabani" the flip but I don't think it is still possible to download it ! My very favorite single and I despair to find it in perfect condition.

Feq'wah a dit…

oh yes, love it!

Z j A k a dit…

A very strange one about a fight ! Few words are in french : "Qu'est-ce que je t'ai fait ? Tu m'as cassé la gueule et çà sort du sang !" = "What did I do to you ? You 've broke my mouth and there's blood out !" Violent...but what a tune !

Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

Putain le solo clavier m'a fait tomber de ma bûche !