{177 }♫ Directly from J. Siksik's vaults : Sachey 6 & 7 +++

Thanks Ruben Zinar't and James Stewart !

One life isn't enough to know everything ! 

But with the little help of my friends you've heard some Poly-Rythmo's amazing tunes . 

*****Jacques Siksik***** knows a lot about travelling specially in Africa. Five years ago he was riding Zem bykes and searching vinyls in nightclubs , radios, label's stocks ... just like a collector, only fun , no business !

Then few days ago he's took out some precious singles from their sleep in cardboards. Enjoy this rare gems ! Many big thanks Jak, it was a very short wait. And what weird tracks you've got there ! "Man Dou Nou Sou Mi O" is a thumping version (the original one ?) of "Ma Dou Nou Sou Mi O" on chapter {45} and {100} ."Kou Te Hou We" is roughly amazing !

You might check chapter {89} for more details.

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