{199} FERRY DJIMMY "When I come in the road" ♫ +++

Thank you so much *****Nuno***** from Kêtu ( http://ketu-records.blogspot.comto let us enjoy this afro-funk fury, one of the rarest LP of Benin !

 FERRY DJIMMY "When I Come In The Road" by Z j A k 

You might enjoy 4 other tracks of this LP on chapters {191},{186},{179},{172}.

5 commentaires:

Frank a dit…

This stuff is just out of control. Congratulations for finding such a clean copy of this incredibly rare record!

So sad the recording quality is so bad, this just screams for a re-issue.

great work!

Z j A k a dit…

Absolutely Frank ! I've worked a lot to clean this vinyl and spent few hours on rips too! A reissue should wait the discovery of the mastertape I guess. Are you still in Ghana ? I wish you the best harvest !

Z j A k a dit…

Aha Master Frank is back and the harvest...splendid ! Check it : http://myworld.ebay.com/voodoo-funk/

Anonyme a dit…

Great stuff! Any plans on letting people hear the three remaining tracks from this lp?

Z j A k a dit…

For the three remaining tracks ak Nuno from Kêtu records (see links)
His plan is to post two tracks on his blog and the last one will stay ...SECRET !