{25} Rarities *KIKOLA* + *AVOLONTO* + *DOUGBE*

(44) * Kikola Salaika : Elise Mosse *
-Sologil- ESL 014 :

Elise Mosse

Soucis A Metta

(45) * Avolonto Honoré & Vicky+Eskill (Poly-Rythmo)

-Libert- LIR 30 :

Dje Gbe Se Gnin

Maman Elise

Na Do Se Kpon We

Tin Lin Non on *Legends of Benin* chapter {57}

Thanks Cyril from *****Afrofever***** for the new photo and enjoy *****Oro****** 's  post and rip :http://orogod.blogspot.com/2010/11/special-post-honore-avolonto-danialou.html

Our well respected encyclopedist Master Greg add : Bentho Gustave(bass);Adjanohoun Maximus(guitar);Agbemadon Paul Gabo(percussions) members of T.Pop. as Vicky & Eskill (T.Pop singers).

(46) * Dougbe Antoine * accompagné par l'Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
-Editions Dougbe Antoine- EDA 001

Yin We Ana Mon Listen chapter {135}

Adin Gban Non Chouwe Listen chapter {135}

Ye Ko Gni Me Towedea Listen chapter {135}

Kovito Gbe De Towe on *Legends of Benin* see chapter {57}

Honton Soukpo Gnon on *Legends of Benin* see chapter {57}

Many thanks to *****Zim 'Cheeku' Bida***** for the Beninese covers collection, tracklistings and good advices !

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