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I have been fascinated with Antoine Dougbé ever since I heard “Nou akue non hwlin me sin kon” in a Voodoo Funk mix. There is always something special about Antoine Dougbé’s collaborations with Poly Rythmo. His songs are often labeled “cavacha”, but I don’t think his thing sounds all that Congolese or East African – to me it just sounds Dougbé. I also like the fact that, even though Poly Rythmo had such charismatic musicians, they apparently had no qualms about putting their talent to the service of Dougbé’s peculiar style. I wonder if true musicianship also involves putting a check on your ego when a special visitor comes around.

If I’m not mistaken, in Analog Africa’s “Legends of Benin”, Samy Ben Redjeb rescued for us the whole B-side to Dougbé’s self-titled EDA 001 lp (among other jewels). Now ZjAK gives us from his collection the whole A-side, which contains two Afro-Latin tracks and an intense “cavacha” with great quirky & spacey keyboards and urgent, intricate, afrobeatish drumming, and which I find at least as rewarding as the reissued tracks from the B-side. THANKS SO MUCH, ZjAK!!

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Antoine DOUGBE & POLY-RYTHMO : EDA 001 side A by Z j A k

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Oro a dit…

Merci pour ce Dougbé que j'adore.

ReeBee a dit…

yes yes
another yet another!!!

Where can I leave my private emails to warn other musical gems?

Jaime a dit…

un choix fort judicieux, un bijou de disque! Merci à vous deux.

trumpetaaa a dit…

niceness niceness !!! wonderful !!!
many thanks to calumbinho & zjak

Z j A k a dit…

J'adore , c'est bien toi ... passionné , question humaines intelligentes , texte concentré et clair. On perçoit le sourire pas loin. Du bon Calumbinho !Et la réponse à ta question est qu'il ne chantait pas, je ne sais plus où Samy a donné l'info. Une interdiction due à son rôle dans le vaudou.
Je suis TRèS heureux de te publier MERCI à toi.

calumbinho a dit…

My absolute pleasure - I'm glad our commentators are happy with this one (I am too! :). BTW, anyone knows WHO does the actual singing in this album? Oro, tu saurais, peut-être...?

єϊэ ΡατϊβϋЅ єϊэ a dit…

oh that's awesome :D i really like poly rythmo, where i can leave my email? here?.
thanks a lot to calumbinho and sjak for sharing it :D
alex xx

Z j A k a dit…

Of course €ï3 PatïBüs €ï3 you can leave your email here. I'll contact you to give you a choice of rip to comment.