{221} *Prof. Bylledey & Poly-Rythmo* big up SUPERFLY RECORDS ! ♫ +++

The discovery of an unknown Poly-Rythmo's Lp is always an exciting surprise ! And guess what, this one is very interesting ! But let me explain the magic place where this kind of miracle has  happened.

I visit this "transcontinental ship" for last christmas holidays. A record shop, of course , not very different a first sight from your favorite dealer place. BUT what a welcome for a cold parisian winter afternoon ! 

You've heard about Mister "Les Mains Noires" one of a kind blogger interested in presenting diggers , their passion , their quest, their musical history...What , you don't know *****Faud*****? Please jump to : http://lesmainsnoires.blogspot.com/
Faud-Fred is the steward of the "ship" running from here to there to keep everything fine and everybody comfortable. A big hearted  discrete yogi under his wool bonnet. 

I first met a year before the mecano from engine room when he was just a traveler and record digger back from Africa. *****Nico Skliris***** sold me few Poly-Rythmo's records but what awesome pieces! Do you remember "Davi Djin" single from chapter {120} and the awesome EP from chapter {79} for example ? Or this other unknown album at that time, presented on chapter {31}

You could check his portrait here :http://lesmainsnoires.blogspot.com/p/raw-portrait-of-nicolas-skliris.htm . Now he's feeding the appetite of hungry collector's addict on the internet. I had the huge chance to be authorized to step down in the entrails of this transcontinental cargo and what I've seen with my eyes wide open like a child on Christmas morning ... I must not talk about , sorry, I have sweard !

Voodoo spirits and mojo work on too much talkative fools... Music now !


If you are interested in this kind of cruise, the "ship" is mooring here : 

53 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris

I hope you will  meet *****Manu***** and *****Paulo***** the desk financial master who hide
a beautiful Buddha smile, keeping his eyes on his buzy hands and the captain , respect to you
officers ! 

SUPERFLY RECORDS is the name of this dangerous multi-dimensions place!


About this new Poly-Rythmo's discovery... the last one was in november 2010, check chapter
{165} the 65th album presented on this blog. Then after *Cotonou Club* this year new album,
 number (66) on Jam Magica's list, check details on chapter {180} ,this one is :

(67) *Professeur Billedey Guissey* & Poly-Rythmo numerous members

-Editions Borgson- BORG 010

A toi ma lyceenne

Yoo Min M'Le

Gbe Tche Kpo-kpo Die

Gbada Kinwe

N'Gbe Kinho

Africanaise Beaute

Mélomè , please don't blame me, dear master, if i present this one as a
Poly-Rythmo's album you were not on this recordings but it sounds like !
I'll be more explicite in a future post or maybe some good followers will.



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faud a dit…

What could I say exept 'Mille Fois Merci' ! !!!
alors MERCI Pierre, pour ces quelques mots mais bien entendu mais aussi pour le partage de cette tant aimée musique ! !!
A bientôt


Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!

melome a dit…

A SUIVRE INFOS ET DOC exclusifs sur PROF BYLLYDEY dans le CD version française de "COTONOU CLUB"

Jaime a dit…

superbe mélange des styles, merci!

trumpetaaa a dit…

thanks for this great voodoo funk track

Z j A k a dit…

Trumpetaa , you're the most returning visitor according to statcounter's report. Thank you so much for your support! Then ,your challengers are :
Romain from Bordeaux,
Maurizio and his friends from Rome, Nicki and his gang from Greece,
Greg from Switzerland,
Akwaboa from Netherlands.
But there's no competition and I would like to thank all of you , all the visitors specially those who take a minute or two to write a note. You can't imagine how it please when you've spend time and energy to post day after days to read your friendly comments!