{208} "Houi Hou Mi To" by Picoby Band ♫ Thanks Greg ! +++

Optical illusion by *****Akiyoshi Kitaoka***** : http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/kic/~akitaoka/index-e.html

Picoby Band's jerks have pleased you a lot ! *****Oro*****has just posted  -Aux Ecoutes- single LA 29 with soukouss on A side and fantastic jerk on the flip : "Jo Ahi Nou Se" 
You'll find the rare ASB 153 "Mi Ma Kpe Dji" on his deluxe post. I love your artwork bro' !

You might enjoy  LA 28 posted by *****Jimmy James Stewart***** on one of my 5 very favorite blogs : AFROSOULDESCARGA.http://afrosouldescarga.blogspot.com/search/label/Picoby%20Band

Now , *****Ogoun Feraille aka Greg Karcajou***** serious jerk and funk collector of afro gems shares a rare superb jerk in Fon, big up Greg ! 

 Picoby Band d'Abomey--Houi hou mi to by Ogoun Ferraille 

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Oula Ya Bon là !!!

Kevin a dit…

Thanks for adding me to your list zjak. I have admired your blog for some time and definitely need my daily dose of Poly Rythmo. I have just added you to my list at Eclectic Grooves under the "Friends of Eclectic Grooves" section.

Cheers, Kevin


Unknown a dit…

Thanx for adding me to your list as well mr. zjak ... already updated my blogroll at http://afrobeat-music.blogspot.com/ with ur blog as well ... I gonna pass by frequently at ur page coz I really like ur stuff ... as u can imagine ... greetz from germany

Z j A k a dit…

Many thanks Kevin and Hamburg*Afrobeat friends ! Lively up our 'family' beats !