{168} Albarika singles 1032->1035 ♫ Thrilling psyche afrobeat +++

>194< ASEP 1032

Je m'en irai je ne sais ou  (Vincent Ahehehinnou)

Egni Tche We Gni Tche  (Vincent Ahehehinnou)

>195< ASEP 1033

Wele E Mele (Attohoun Azaad Sylvain)

N'Do Kooungui Min (Attohoun Azaad Sylvain)

>196< ASEP 1035

Kou Nawo  (Melome Clement) watch a short video on chapter {60}.

Houe Towe Houn  (Melome Clement) listen chapter {171}.

Another version, "Hwe Towe Hun" is on *Chants et danses du Benin* on chapter {30}which is reissued on *Kings of Benin* see chapter {29} and on our mix chapter {40}You can watch also a short video on chapter {42}.

But now enjoy this thrilling psyche afrobeat in its original mood !

 "Kou Nawo" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

5 commentaires:

icastico a dit…


Jaime a dit…

Ah, un superbe morceau tout en douceur. Merci mille fois. Le verso semble nous réserver bien du bonheur aussi.

Z j A k a dit…

I ♥ <-> ♫ & comments , thanks Icastico & Jaime ! Yes ASEP 1035 is a real double hitter !

ReeBee a dit…

what a wonderful track!

Z j A k a dit…

Yes ReeBee !