{200} "Mali" = "Chiedatby Jedba" = "Djanfa Magni" ♫ +++

*****Keith Slater***** is a lucky record digger ! He found this masterpiece and friendly shared it : "It's the record I loaned to Samy for the *Africa Scream Contest* CD centre and it runs at 33rpm. Samy spoke to Melome and they think it was an alternatve take they done and decided not to use and when Tidiani left the band he took some bits with him back to Mali and it is thought he put it out. Although earlier claims by some say it's a bootleg, Samy does not think so and he took the LP cut and done away with the cheesey keyboards and mixed in this record , clever eh!!"

Keith and Samy March 2008

Boiling Point | Myspace Video

He travels a lot for DJ sets, appreciated from Greece or Germany to Japan and shares his passion on radio :  http://www.futureradio.co.uk/boilingpoint 
Big thumbs up Keith !

>212< MSP 3019 Tidiani Kone & Orchestre Ahl Jedba (= Poly-Rythmo) de Cotonou
Chiedatby Jedba

Keith guess :"First time I've played this for a while I go along with the idea that Tidiani had this pressed for local release after he left the band and went back to Mali.The track fades in at the beginning and out at the end ,this  I think was an alternative much rawer take which is why Tidiani ended up with it so maybe there was a fault at the beginning , any way you can read about it in *Africa Scream Contest*notes."

 "Chiedatby Jedba" TIDIANI KONE by Z j A k 

Anonymous*****François***** said on january 10th, 2011 in the comments of chapter {9} There's a primitive version of "Djanfa Magni" "Mali" ► Musique du Mali 2 Bazoumana Sissoko le vieux lion disque 1 posted by *****Bolingo69***** 


Inner notes are indicating : "Written by Bouzoumana when we obtained independance." 
Who did sign "Djanfa Magni" (not Fangate Djangele !) on Poly-Rythmo's album?

I have only a CD copy so feel free, lucky owners of this records, to answer properly. But I would like to focus attention about the superb notes of Musique du Mali 2 Bazoumana Sissoko.

The Poly-Rythmo's version "Djanfa Magni" is on chapter {103} , details on Tidiani Kone & Poly-Rythmo's album on chapter {9}

Many thanks again  KEITH SLATER , BOLINGO , SAMY BEN REDJEB , TRISTAN CORDIER , GREG VILLANOVA , ANONYMUS FRANCOIS, CALUMBINHO correcting my mistakes and YOU all who made this blog alive with your comments, questions and returning visits.



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trumpetaaa says WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!
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Happy to please you and read you again !

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grand cru pour ce numero 200 !!!

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This blog is just wonderful and a great find. the music is phantastic. thank you so much!