{80} Magnificent -BADMOS- singles !

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According to *****Samy Ben Redjeb*****'s discography published on the fabulous "Vodoun Effect" compilation, see chapter {34}, first Poly-Rythmo's 45 rpm made in France for Ivory Coast market on -Badmos- is :

>54< BB 105

Hin Huide Glin (Melome Clement )
Boyi kaka (Melome Clement)

Thanks Nuno from Kêtu , Ogoun Ferraille & Oro see :

>55< BB 115

Nonviche (Zoundégon Bernard)

Ayele (Zoundégon Bernard)

>56< BB 116

Noubi Le Wede (Lohento Eskill)

Gbe Ho (Lohento Eskill)

>57< BB 117

A O O Ida (Yehouessi Leopold) listen chapters {40} & {44}

Ako N'Venan Niwa (Yehouessi Leopold) listen chapter {196}

>58< BB 118

Alissa We Dje Ha Gbe (Bentho Gustave)

Kossi Dagbe Houetro (Bentho Gustave)

>59< BB 119

Djoba Gbele

Oh Pierre

>60< BB 120

Pourquoi pas ? (Vincent Ahéhéhinnou)

Mawa Mon Nou Mio (Vincent Ahéhéhinnou) on "Vodoun Effect" chapter {34}
Volume 7 is missing, please, would you contribute to this discography ?

>61< BB 122 
N'Goua (Melome Clement) listen  chapters {40} & {44} 
Houegbe N'Do Nou We (Melome Clement)

>62< BB 125

Salowa (Dossou Gilbert)
Tangnitche (Dossou Gilbert) listen chapter {178}

Many thanks *****Tristan Cordier (melody67nelson)*****,
*****Djamel Hammadi (afrobrazilero)***** ,
*****Nicolas Skliris (ar**390)*****,
and *****Machecako (pokak)*****, the four musketeers of
Poly-Rythmo. Belive me or not they are my eBay friends.
For their support , supplies and supersurprises ...
...Awanou kaka! (Thank you very much! in Fon)

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