{134} -Daho-Disco- more covers

Photos , more about chapter {99} and {133}.

>90< MP 02 

Assibavi (Marques Blaise Blasiosse) on *Vodoun Effect* see {34} 

Malon Nu Avo Towe Vun O (Marques Blaise Blasiosse) 

>93< MP 06

Man Ye Tche (Williams Jimmy Amoussou)

Cicavi (Williams Jimmy Amoussou)

There is different script on the cover see label chapter {99} record >93<

This is  B side from MP 01 published last post :

4 commentaires:

Jaime a dit…

Superbe cadeau. Grand merci!

Z j A k a dit…

Merci Jaime , l'état est triste mais les fans comme toi apprécieront.

calumbinho a dit…

Wow, MP-06 is definitely a rough ride :). The b-side to MP-01 has a pretty good sound quality, though, and I find it totally beautiful. I really really dig both sides of that single - unmistakenly Poly Rythmo, but with a special twist to it (a Daho Disco attempt at a "polished" production? he he...). You did it once again, ZjAK, thanks a lot!!

Z j A k a dit…

Ntst ntst Calumbinho ! Incorrigible et taquin mais connaisseur et passionné!
Merci et j'attends ta prose pour enfin être du côté commentateur.