{43} video POLY-RYTHMO "Gbeti Madjro" enjoy ! +++

You should have watched this earthquaking video :

Then check 30 years after :

I hope to stay funky like you African Masters !

Thanks so much to *****Crash Comfort*****a mysterious fan and

serious ebayer for those videos of the first ever concert in europe.

How was it ?

Me liked. Guys are party animals although old, missing some great members(rip) and the dutch crowd mostly does not understand the lyrics .. but the sound they create still stands.
The new and other members are well picked artists and i think as orchestra they are very used to switch members anyhow. Everybody is doing his thing,'young' keyboard player freaks.
Lot of the tracks i knew from the records but they improvise (or they just have no regular way) that it all is worth to go and see. As i say nothing better than the real thing, especially now it is possible in their 43 years existance.

I met Gustave Bentho, who is still a cool guy (you see him decent in the back behind the singer; with the folded Benin party-hat but sometimes does the chicken and plays bass on his head and behind his back :)
Also Pierre Loko and Maximus Ajanohoun afterwards..all let them sign some albums and they were happy to hear i liked and coming back for more gigs as they had no idea how the crowd felt about it ..off course these guys have some real close party experience and standing that high from the crowd felt bit different i think. I hope the other gigs will be more 'closer' also indoors will help a lot i guess.

Crash Comfort

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