{195} Poly-Rythmo plays Ennio Morricone's style ♫ +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi

Poly-Rythmo played all styles. Did you imagine a bolero deeply inspired by Ennio Morricone played by our Beninese Tout-Puissants ? Yep, this is today's surprise. Enjoy !

 "La Fin De l'Ete" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

Details on chapter {89}

Thank you Akwaboa the song is identified !

3 commentaires:

Akwaboa a dit…

Indeed, fascinating!
Ennio Morricone style yes, but the song is 'Sealed With A Kiss' by Brian Hyland

Z j A k a dit…

Well done Akwaboa , thanks ! The link is added.

Z j A k a dit…

...and a link to your too rare posts on Highlife Haven. Welcome back whenever you want.