{120} "Davi Djin I & II" listen +++

" Davi Djin I & II"


Low hifi but devastating uptempo afro-funk !

This one is dedicated to *****Nicolas Skliris***** aka 'ar**390' on eBay.

This scarce single is the first version of "Davi Djin I & II" which become "Davi Djinto Super # 2" on volume 4 -Albarika- . You can listen to this track at end of mix chapter {44}. Details of this album are on chapter {2} . It is one of my very favorite records.

I have found MD 003 -Melo-Disco- (see bellow) same version, few second less. Details on -Melo-Disco- chapter {104}.

4 commentaires:

calumbinho a dit…

Wonderful single! I think I actually prefer this rawer, high-energy version to the one in vol. 4, despite the sound quality.

Z j A k a dit…

What it is , be a real fan...
Energic dope foshu !

trumpetaaa a dit…

calumbinho said it all BIG THANKS

Z j A k a dit…

TOOT TOOT ! Thanks friends.