{231} Prof. Bylledey : "Gbe Tche Kpo-Kpo Die" ♫ +++

This Poly-Rythmo saga is NOT coming to an end ! Sorry for the long pause, now my bucket is full of surprises. But let's take time and take up again good habits you've got, following these pages. The professeur Bylledey's album hasn't given all its gems, what about this brilliant , jumpy song ?

 "Gbe Tché Kpo-Kpo Dié" BYLLEDEY & POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

*****Samy Ben Redjeb***** has sold these days on eBay a wonderful ASEP with a gorgeous cover presenting the king of beninese drummers to my ears : Yehouessi Leopold spelt on this EP Yewessi . A good reason to check again the chapter {166} gallery, cheers ! Thanks a lot Samy for this new picture !

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