First , please check  lower prices on chapter {237}

Or listen them all :  https://soundcloud.com/zjak/

Scarce from the rarest, first version of "Davi Djin To", here on the tiny label Melo Disco. Later re-recorded for the perfect LP ALS 048 , volume 4 Albarika.

Price : 150 $

Please email me : kahane@hotmail.fr

Deep long psyché-afro-funk , enjoy !

Price : 75 $ SOLD

Vodoun blessing for wedding day.

Deep and powerful !

Price : 75 $ SOLD

Early and very long tracks !

Price : 50 $

On the very confidential Melo Disco label the early version of a fantastic song released again on Disc Orient 007 (also known as Réveil Disco Cubain) with a new title : "Yao Yao".

Price : 100 $

Ultra rare single on Echos Sonores du Dahomey !

Price : 100 $ SOLD

Email to reserv : kahane@hotmail.fr

Rare rare rare : Disco des Lyriques !

Price : 100 $

Great double sider **** !

Price : 50 $ SOLD

Joyful double sider !

Price : 50 $ SOLD

Just offering THE SLEEVE IN NM condition. SOLD

At last, please check  lower prices on chapter {237} if you didn't yet.

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