{100} WHO VOODOO LOVES ? 90 min. MIX !

Optical illusion from the wonderful work of Kitaoka, Akiyoshi


By Z j A k & WaaterproOf

   POLY-RYTHMO ***Who Voodoo Loves*** Waaterproof & Z j A k MIX by Z j A k 


*****WHO VOODOO LOVES ? *****

~1~ "Wodeka koe" LP ALS 01 *Volume 1* -Albarika Stores-

~2~ "Ma Dou Nou Sou Nou Mio" LP *Echos Hypno.* -Analog Africa-

~3~ "Kou Tche Kpo So O" LP ALS 01 *Volume 1* -Albarika Stores-
........................................LP *Kings of Benin* -Soundway-
~4~ "Ma Savo Home" single LA 41 -Aux ecoutes- B side

~5~ "Ako Sea Guerra-Behanzin" single 095 -Satel- B side

~6~ "Yao-Yao" LP 007 *Reveil disco cubain* -Disc Orient-

~7~ "Moulon Devia" LP 007 *Reveil disco cubain* -Disc Orient-

~8~ "Fangate Djangele" LP ALS 039 *Tidiani Kone* -Albarika Stores-

~9~ "Azanlokpe" single 046 -Satel- A side

~10~ "Yeye We Nou Mi" LP ALS 005*Ahehehinnou V.*-Albarika -

~11~ "Na Gbo Bo Kou" single ESD 031 -Echos Sonores du D.- B side

~12~ "Nouche De Te Le" single C 006 15172 -EMI Pathe- B side

~13~ "Mi Tcho Mi De Me" EP APV 45 034 -Discafric- A side #1

~14~ "Akue We Non Houme" single LA 740 -Aux ecoutes- B side

~15~ "Mi Ve Wa Se" 2xLP *Echos Hypnotiques* -Analog Africa-

And if it grooves you throughout don't hesitate to check our first mix on chapter {44} : http://jammagica.blogspot.com/2009/09/44-best-quality-mix-more-than-hour.html

Many thanks to *****Tristan Cordier aka Melody67Nelson*****

13 commentaires:

trumpetaaa a dit…

many thanks for this very nice mix especially nice to hear the complete fangate djangele without skips & jumps BIG thanks

Z j A k a dit…

Dear Trumpetaa , I'm happy to spin a name on my Örebro frequent visitor.
You're absolutely welcome ! Just for you I'm gonna post or maybe with Oro's help the complete version (more than 17 minutes!) of the other track from *TIDIANI KONE* album, the fantastic dancefloor hitter:
"Djangfa Magni" !

trumpetaaa a dit…

wow !!! my dear mr zjak you read my mind i didn't have to ask you for it would be REALLY great if you can post that 17 minutes version of djangfa magni
thanks & best wishes from örebro

james a dit…

terrible...et je suis plus qu'impatient d'entendre le Tidiani Koné....see you

calumbinho a dit…

Thanks a lot! There's a few amazing tracks in there I'd never heard before. As for Djangfa Magni, voodoofunk posted a good rip of the full version in the "Cooked from scratch" mix, but your rip of Fangate Djangele seems to have an even better sound quality, so if you could post a rip of Dganjfa that sounds as good, you'd have yet another delighted fan right here :)

Z j A k a dit…

Jimmy-As-des-Platines tout en douceur, respect pour tes talents et merci du compliment ! Patience pour Tidiani Kone ...

Z j A k a dit…

Dear Calumbinho ,thank you to be such a long time follower , Poly-Rythmo aficionado !

Bloody Holly a dit…

Thank you for another great mix!!

Z j A k a dit…

Cool Bumkuncha ! you are very welcome and many thanks for relaying our mix on your great blog : *****PATHWAY TO UNKNOWN WORLDS*****

slj3 a dit…

Hélas, le mix n'est plus downloadable : sa limite est dépassée...Une idée, une autre solution?D'avance merci.

Z j A k a dit…

Retour du mix en téléchargement, voilà qui est fait Slj3!

Anonyme a dit…

The mix is back here on phono mundial blog http://phonomundial.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/surprise-partout-zjak-jam-magica/

Z j A k a dit…

Deluxe mix rides again, thanks Lucky Bro' :) !