{103} "Djanfa Magni" ALS 039 listen +++

"D j a n f a ...M a g n i "

POLY-RYTHMO & *Tidiani Kone*

-Albarika Stores- ALS 039 see chapter {9}

Complete original version : 17 minutes 03 seconds

Optical illusion with copyright , Kitaoka, Akiyoshi

This post is a special gift to *****Trumpetaa**** : Örebro fan of the blog , *****Jimmy***** from Afrosouldescarga , *****Igbe***** from Paris , and *****Calumbinho ***** .

01 Piste 01 by Z j A k

*****Tristan 'melody67nelson' Cordier*****

and *****Lucky 'WaaterproOf' LoÏc*****

have made this share out possible . Many big thanks friends !

11 commentaires:

trumpetaaa a dit…

fantastic !! at last i get to hear this wonderful 17 mins version of djanfa magni !!! can not thank you enough for this holy grail of afro beat you made me so very very happy A BIG BIG Thanks from örebro :))

Z j A k a dit…

To please you I had to learn how to pick up analogic sound and convert it
to upload and send to blogger. Not easy for an old school vinyl addict,
armless with computers!
I have already succeed so...
I THANK YOU dear Trupetaaa !

calumbinho a dit…

Thanks so much for the gift! What an amazing track this is... and the sound quality really is great. Right on!

calumbinho a dit…

BTW, ZjAK, I was wondering if I could ask you a favor. I got 4 Poly Rythmo tracks I love but which I'm not able to identify (two unlabeled "ghost tracks" from two Analog Africa comps, and a couple more of unknown origin). Do you think you or other readers could help me out identifying the actual titles and albums? I uploaded them right here:
Any help more than welcome!

Z j A k a dit…

trik or trap ? Well Calumbinho at the first listening ,what I could say is : the first track must be a Sunny Black's Band one. I have a list of, but I'm not able to identify it 'cause I don't speak Fon. The second one is a "déchirure" ! means a psych-fabulous killer track , I love this kind of poly-Rythmo's tune ,it sound to my ear to be an ESD-ESB single but...it's just a bet ! The third one is "Dodjilo = Dodji Mi Na Wa Dou Gbe" from the record (34) chapter {17} also on the Poly-Rythmo bootleg boxset called "La collection d'or" CD 2 track # 4. The fourth seams more recent. What surprised me a lot is the female voice in backing vocals ! Sorry not to be more helpful for the moment ! And MANY BIG THANKS FOR THESE PLEASANT MYSTERIES !

faud a dit…

Merci pour ton comment ! ! ! !!!
Mais j avait pas vu, c'est ton dernier post le Tidiani toi aussi ! !!! : )) Drôle de coincidence c'est vrai ! !!
A bientôt sur marseille où paris ! !!


calumbinho a dit…

Thanks for the help, ZjAk! However, I think the "Dodjilo" from the "Collection d'Or", while being the same composition as "Dodji Ni Na Wa Dou Gbe" from SAT 177 (which I dlded from Oro), is a different version of the song altogether (check the drum pattern & the sound of the guitar). I think the mystery remains unsolved for the moment....

Z j A k a dit…

Fourth track identified! It is "Assou Gbonou Ma Gbo Djé" from chapter {14} record (28) *Avohou pierre & Poly Rythmo* !

calumbinho a dit…

All right, ZjAk, thanks a lot for that!!

Z j A k a dit…

Calumbinho, the first tune is "Se Tche Weda" unfortunately my single is in poor condition compare to your rip. Check chapter 124.

calumbinho a dit…

Very true, thanks again! Looks like we only got 2 more mysteries to go... so far!