{106} Youri's photos + ESD 23 listen !

Youri Lenquette is a famous photograph and journalist.
I follow his work since three decade , just amazing !

Many big thanks *****Youri***** and *****Elodie Maillot***** to accept the publication on jammagica.

Please enjoy this low Hi-Fi single on -Echos Sonores du Dahomey- A rare one , raw and stormy, a psyche afrobeat I'd like to share. Number >8< from chapter {73}

"Typou Tche Vive Nou" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k

Ooops my mistake "Typou Tche Vive Nan" thanks a lot Calumbinho !

4 commentaires:

calumbinho a dit…

I love it! Thanks for digging out yet another obscure wonderful Poly Rythmo track. And yet... another mystery: where did you get the track title from? I see it is different from the title displayed in the ESD 45 rpm cover...

Z j A k a dit…

Dear Calumbinho , by chance you are a very clever follower, a careful reader of >jammagica< ! Thanks a lot for your help to correct my mistake. My english is a bit broken , I don't speak fon , mina or another beninese language, so you are very welcome to help me to present the best posts I wish to.

calumbinho a dit…

Oh, je ne parle pas des langues beninoises non plus, et je n'aurais jamais remarqué une différence d'une seule lettre - je demandais parce que sur la "cover" de ESD 23 45 rpm dans ton chapitre 73 il y a un titre totalmente différent pour la face A, "Ete We Zon Bo Mi Gble", pas "Typou Tche Vive Nan (ou Nou)" :)

Z j A k a dit…

Hay Chihuahua ! mais tu as tout à fait raison et je ne l'avais jamais remarqué ! Bravo Calumbinho et en attendant une éventuelle raison à ce mystère je vais faire un petit message au chapitre {73}pour pointer cette différence étonnante. Merci