{151} FANTASTIC FINALE ! Utrecht live 09/09 ♫ +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi

End of the show , final en beauté ! 19 MINUTES ON FIRE !
Following chapter {147} & {148} with more thanks to RADIO 6 Netherlands !

Sorry so, my Souncloud link isn't available...to upload new rips !

You can find the whole concert here : 

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


but sorry...
the name of track?

Z j A k a dit…

You are welcome and sorry for this late answer. Tracks are "Dis-moi la verite" + "Gbeti Madjro" and the last is a voodoo dance but I can't remember the title. It is THE great moment of Gustave Bentho bassist, when he usually plays his bass guitar behind his head ! I offer a rare rip to the first one who'll name this tune.

calumbinho a dit…

No one got it yet? It's Se Ba Ho, right? (at least the one in Echoes of Benin, cuz there's another "Se Ba Ho" in ESB 35 which sounds pretty different)

Z j A k a dit…

Of course, where did I leave my memory? Thanks Calumbinho you win !