{165} *E. LOTTIN* Satel LP 087 thanks Oro +++ slow ♥ ♫

(65) * EBOA LOTTIN * & Poly-Rythmo & Black Santiago

-Disques Tropiques / Production Satel- SAT 087

To Filanki   (+Poly-Rythmo 7" SAT 088) see chapter {154}

West Africa   (+Poly-Rythmo 7" SAT 089) listen chapter {154}

Bobe   (+Black Santiago 7" SAT 047)

Na' Atika

Tet Eyungu   (+Poly-Rythmo 7" SAT 088) see chapter {154}

Alleluia   (+Poly-Rythmo 7" SAT 089) see chapter {154}


Ekon   (+Black Santiago 7" SAT 048)


Ja' Le   (+Black Santiago 7" SAT 048)

Hats up *****Oro***** for this new discovery and many thanks !
I love your artwork (see below)!

Enjoy this album from Oro's treasure :http://www.mediafire.com/?5ull6rawkx1d83d

Today's rip is a love song from my personal "boutique souvenirs" dedicated to one I loved. She has made me leave my parisian life to went down south of France where I still live. It's not an Eboa Lottin's song but a Lohento Eskill's one. See details on chapter {78} -Disco Des Lyriques- DDL 12

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Jaime a dit…

Lohento a l'air de bien l'aimer cette Mireille... Merci.

Z j A k a dit…

huhu !...