{183} ░▒▓█ ▀▄▀▄ Albarika story : the end ! ▄▀▄▀ █▓▒░

>207< ASEP 1072

Ehouzou Dandan A et B (Melome Clement)

Many thanks *****Oro***** for this wonderful cover from your original post: 

Listen and thank the Orogod initiator : http://www.mediafire.com/?aa0glxipnqqhvyb

>209< ASEP 1075

Kpede Do Gbe Houenou  (Ahehehinnou Vincent)

Ma Wa Mon Nou Mi O  (Ahehehinnou Vincent) on *Vodoun Effect* chapter {34} 

There's something strange about this single, it presents the same tracks than ASEP 1059, see chapter {176}. And I can't remember where I have found this picture of a test pressing which seems to hold the same number. If you have any information, please share in the comments.

For the last item of the long Albarika's single discography, please enjoy this calypso (unusual for Poly-Rythmo!) ...changing to afro-funk...of course !

>210< ASEP 1076

Ani Do Ebefi Bo Adomakou  (Bentho Gustave)

Lonlon Gnin   (Bentho Gustave)

 "Lonlon Gnin" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

░▒▓█ ▀▄▀▄  End of the Albarika story ! ▄▀▄▀ █▓▒░

5 commentaires:

calumbinho a dit…

Congratulations!! What now? Are there still small record companies you haven't covered?

Jaime a dit…

Bravo, ZjAk! Des heures de plaisir...

Z j A k a dit…

...and yet few surprises to follow ! Many thanks for your support.

faud a dit…

et merci Jam Magica ! !!! Ici se trouve donc désormais l histoire complète de la légende Albarika !! !
Géniale initiative Pierre qui, esperons le, génerera des vocations car dieu, que la musique est vaste !!!
Merci encore pour toutes ces découvertes et cette archivage !! !

now waitin' for those surprises to follow. .. ! !! ; )

Z j A k a dit…

Tu as raison Faud : Poly-Rythmo, la toute puissante arme de danse massive d'Albarika, n'en a pas fini de livrer ses secrets !