{189} From Tristan's vaults "Adja" ♫ ASB 117 +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi 

*****Tristan***** aka melody67nelson is leaving Europe in a couple of days for a new digging trip in west Africa. On this Kitaoka Akiyoshi strange mandala I focus and visualize many future 12" and 7"  wonders to be discovered and shared by my friend , my guru cool ! We'll have to be patient, so let's enjoy together one gem from the last quest ...

"Adja" is a speedy, deep rooted, voodooish afro-funk ! A rough Poly-Rythmo's kicking tune ! Please check chapter {158} for details about this awesome single.

Many thanks Tristan and ♥♦♣♠ great luck for you !

Last minute info ... be sure to get your personal copy of this long waited reissue :


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Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

K.Frimpong !

C'est lui m'a fait découvrir l'afro !

Killer !