{196} "Ako N'Venan Niwa" deep afrobeat psych ♫ +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi

"Ako N'venan Niwa" could be the first version of "Aholoye" from ASEP 1057 on chapter {173} and also on ALS 0108. Please don't search the rip the link is deleted on chapter {142}. Let your claim on comments if necessary. Sorry I need time on Soundcloud to let you discover new tracks. I hope you'll enjoy this deeper and psyche version. This Badmos single is on chapter {80}. You might enjoy pics of labels ...

Is it necessary to say again it is one of my very favorite Poly-Rythmo's single ? The one which decided me to collect their records specially those signed Yehouessi Leopold before knowing the wonders of Vincent Ahehehinnou then Melome Clement gems. "A O O Ida" is on the first mix , see chapter {40} & {44}.

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