{201}"Kyenkyema" THE BIG BEATS ♫ Blast ! +++

(¯`*•.   BLAST  !  .•*´¯)

I love this single brought back from Ghana by *****Nuno*****  from Kêtu records,
7" not well known yet. The A side "Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn" has been compiled by *****Miles Cleret***** on the excellent *Ghana Special* a Soundway box set :

So few is known about this band I have to relay Miles' notes : The Big Beats were a band formed mostly from the popular soul band El Pollos' second band, the Triffids. They played for some time in Lagos where they perfected their afro-beat style, returning to Ghana and recording two 45s for the Polydor label : "Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn" ("I don't love you any more") was the B-side to the hit single "Kyenkyema which became a by-word in 70's  Ghana for anything old, outdate or decrepit. Their other release, "Afro-Pride" / "Kwemo Nahi",was released simultaneously but didn't sell anything like as well.

 Kyenkyema THE BIG BEATS by Z j A k 

My single is very scratchy but I prefer its sound than the flat-o-flat Youtube rip :

A better rip is probably presented by *****Frank****** from Voodoo Funk here : 

The other side ?  Great too , a real double sider !
Enjoy !

5 commentaires:

Jaime a dit…

aïe! wow! Quelle défonce de batterie! Voix guitares orgue tout pareil. Là, ça frappe fort. J'en suis encore étourdi! Vraiment superbe.

Z j A k a dit…

Merci Jaime et ton commentaire m'a fait penser à l'évidence : mettre l'autre face aussi !

Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

Quel son, ma copie est bien usée mais le son est tellement LOUD !!!

Z j A k a dit…

Greg LOUD ! ... bon pseudo ! :)

jacques a dit…

great post !!!j'avais 5 numéros de retard....j'aime particulièrement les 201, 202 , 203 !!!!merci