{218} Afro-Garage !!! Les Yss Boys "A funny story" ♫ +++

NEW MESSAGE FROM *****Ogoun Ferraille***** your comments are waited !

I don't have a lot of information about this band except they are from Kinshasa / Congo and they've released a jerk 45 that isn't really interesting for me, here is the link for the soundfiles: 


The track we are posting here is a real UFO ; some heavy high energy garage rock with crazy bass line, wild fuzz, loud drumming, screams and grunts !

This song comes from an ugly sampler called "Dansez avec : L'Afrique" that contains some boring afro tunes except this one and a Matata one...

The record belongs to a friend of mine and we have never seen another copy anywhere else, thanks to *****Mauro Bozzi*****from Stigmate Records !!!
Just enjoy it as the heaviest afro garage track I've ever heard !

 Yss Boys--A funny story by Ogoun Ferraille 

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Unknown a dit…


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Z j A k a dit…

Please , please , please this kind of stuff isn't available at the YuTub' corner's station ! This awesome gem deserves encouragments and comments ...insults if you dislike ! You might have a word or two for my friend Greg aka Ogoun Ferraille who shares his best gems !

Jaime a dit…

Un OVNI tu dis? En feu... Jamais rien entendu de pareil venant du Congo. Merci, Ogoun, pour cette découverte et les autres aussi.

Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

Oui ce morceau est hallucinant, une énergie de malade ! Effectivement je connais pas grand chose qui torche comme ça venant du Congo !

Merci pour le message Jaime !

Jeremy Rich a dit…

Ray Lema est un musicien congolais bien connu...il jouait le clavier dans les Yss Boys...