{225} "Y'a pas moyen" extraordinary ASEP 1018 ! ♫ +++

 ASEP 1018 

Enfin y'a moyen !

Long time waited , asked by many of you , at last this extraordinary gem sung by Vincent Ahehehinnou ! Many thanks *****Manu Boubli***** from Superflyrecords ,*****Greg***** and *****ParisDJs***** :


 "Y'a pas moyen" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k


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7 commentaires:

james a dit…

Excellent, je ne le connaissais pas celui là...thanks a lot Pierre....et je prépare ta petite selection de chanson en français...t'inquiètes....

Z j A k a dit…

Aaaaah James ! Voilà du réjouissant !

Anonyme a dit…

Excellent! I thought the version released in the comp "Benin Passion volume 2", credited just to Ahehheinnou, was taken from ASEP 1018, but I realize now they're two different versions . Would you like the Benin Passion version, or does everyobody here have it already? -CALUMBINHO

Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

I didn't know that there was another version of this on Bénin passion !

Yes I'm interested to get this !

It's the same for "Chérie Oyo", there is a version on Bénin Passion that is different of the one on the 7". I think the one on the 7" is really better, very soulful !

Z j A k a dit…

"Cherie Oyo" will be posted soon, stay connected !

reservatory a dit…

This seems like a much earlier version of the Benin Passion track, and really hot stuff! THANKS.

Anonyme a dit…

I was living in Niger in 1972, and I have been looking for that song since then... nostalgia!
At last, at last..