{147} LIVE UTRECHT 18/09/2010 first tracks ♫ +++

Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi

Oooohh what a live performance, how lucky you are !

Listen to the two first tracks of this excellent concert in RASA - UTRECHT (Netherlands). Aired by Radio 6 (october 13th 2009 from set of  september 18th) Hats up what a great job done !

Many great thanks to *****Man gue***** who send me the rip! (Everything comes back...in time, dear friend and you can trust a boomerang player !)
Specially dedicated to those who haven't yet seen Poly-Rythmo in live concert, and also for everyone doubts they play as well as in the 70's !
Enjoy the sound simply EXCELLENT ! Please check also chapter {63}.

TODAY'S FANS GAME : A special rare rip will be sent to the first person who will send his email and the name of the tunes in the comments.

And Stan is the winner ! The tracks are : 
1) "Abaza Mimin" from *Volume 5* see chapter {3}
2) "Se Tche We Djo Mon " from the singles ESD 15 & 16 and compiled on *Vodoun Effect* see chapter {34} and {73}

And if you want more , don't hesitate to send a little comment below. 

Sorry so, my Souncloud link isn't available...to upload new rips !

You can find the whole concert here : 


2 commentaires:

Frank "dr.crackle" a dit…

hi there,

thanks for this upload!
the songs are:
1. Agbaza Mi Min (with Lohento Eskill)
2.se tche we djo mon

dr.crackle at gmail dot com


Z j A k a dit…

ABSOLUTELY Stan ! You are the winner , I've just sent you a mail given you the choice but it's a secret...Jammagica's fan just have to know the rip is a rare and very interesting tune!
BRAVO Stan !