{148} IN THE HEAT OF AFRO-FUNK ! live 2009 ♫ +++

Poly-Rythmo in concert live is such a powerful experience ! Enjoy 3 songs from the heart of this exceptional live set: 2009 September  18th  Rasa , Utrecht.

Hats up *****Radio 6 Netherlands***** for this magnificent sharing and the great sound work done!

 Optical illusion with copyright : Kitaoka, Akiyoshi 

Please check also the last post and chapters {61} & {63}.
*****Man gue***** this message is dedicated to you, thankfully!

Sorry so, my Souncloud link isn't available...to upload new rips !

You can find the whole concert here : 

3 commentaires:

elgroovepatron a dit…

Bonjour Pierre,

1- Hwe towe hun
2- Medida
3- Ne Te Faches Pa

Z j A k a dit…

Easy ! 3 tracks from *Kings of Benin*
excellent compilation ! But what a lightning bolt speed answer ! Bravo Elgroovepatron and I hope you'll start your blog soon,I'm impatient !
I try to email you a choice of rip just now. Thanks to follow so closely Jam Magica !

trumpetaaa a dit…

they really sounds good as ever
thanks for the tunes (as always)