{186} Ferry Djimmy "Carry Me Black" Aaah madness !!! ♫ +++

From *****Nuno Aires***** vaults another track of 
Ferry Djimmy the mad mad mad magician of afro-funk !

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 FERRY DJIMMY "Carry Me Black" by Z j A k 

Some of you surely won't like it , some would love it...Please feel free to comment !

4 commentaires:

ReeBee a dit…

better to start the year!
thanks and best wishes

trumpetaaa a dit…

funky punky afro madness GREAT !!!
thanks for letting us listen

calumbinho a dit…

so much to like and to dislike about ferry djimmy! the brilliant, raunchy intense playing... the atrocious recording... djimmy's bray-like vocals... definitely unlike anything else. i personally love it!

happy new year, ZjAk!!!!!

Z j A k a dit…

Dear friends, very best wishes for 2011 , it's always a pleasure to read your kind words !