{187} New year softness : "Nielanga" ♫ ALS 0126 +++

During the holidays I 've been visited the "Temple" of vinyl addicts in Paris : 
*****SUPERFLY RECORDS***** where I've found this rare album in a very friendly mood.
This track is unusual with mandingue accents and its softness suits perfectly to thanks Faud, Nico, and Manu for the perfect welcome in this recommended shop !

 "Nielanga" POLY-RYTHMO by Z j A k 

More details on chapter {101}

4 commentaires:

reservatory a dit…

The right channel guitar is crazy here, especially that back and forth jumping between treble strings and low E swoops about half way through. THANKS!

Ogoun Ferraille a dit…

J'ai un exemplaire de ce disque à échanger si jamais !

Z j A k a dit…

Yes Reservatory I agree totally and it should have been Papillon playing this "auriculopuncture" from another dimension (he probably has passed away before this album was printed).

Carli a dit…

Thank you.